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The two Adolf and the Jewish thieves

 Today I want to write a little bit about the so called Jewish holocaust also known as Shoah. It has been said so many things about this so called genocide, that we seem to have forgotten that the so called genocide took place in times of war, making the fact tracking hard, and the propaganda easy, this to say that not all who died from atrocity during WW2 were Jews, even not a small part of them. 
That said, it doesn’t mean that Jews didn’t die during WW2, it means that the Jews were not the one exterminated in WW2, and we will get to this in another post if it pleases to God. 
So the poor Hitler who had to carry all the genocide stuff on his shoulders looks like a Jewish puppet in Jewish hands (if you have read my last post: “Salt disambiguation”). 
Well he is not. 
He is also not all that is said or have been said about him because if by Hitler you understand the guy who wrote “Mein Kampf”, well this guy died in a psychiatric hospital after spending his whole life there, at the hand of Jews. His name is Adolf Wolfli, and he was an “art brut” artist, and also a guinea pig for Jewish research. 
This is why I have developed the subject on my book “l’art brut et la folie”. Not to say that the guy was an abomination for Jews, even if he was a Genius that they deprived of himself, leaving him with nothing but himself. We shall not forget this, because we too have memory.

So I wanted to rehabilitate the real Adolf Hitler also called Adolf Wolfli, and also tell Jews that we do not buy their Jewish propaganda anymore, and that they will have to surf on something else for their mind manipulation project.
I will start with the picture below which represent a gas chamber at Dachau. It looks like no one would have noticed the modern architecture and design for the so called room where the Jews supposedly died by the thousands.

So it is interesting to note here that we have been taught to behave like sheep (Cf: Chateau mouton Rothschild /Castel sheep Rothschild, a wine), and that most often, we do behave like sheeps. But this is not an inevitable behavior. It depends on us to also change and behave like lions which I am.
You will notice when going through this post that the coincidence loses its coincidental behavior to become fatality, and this is what I want to focus on here:
What is coincidental when it comes to mind manipulation, and when coincidence seems so fatal?
Before you go through this post, it’s good that you have this post in mind. It’s about viral disease contamination by black swan:

About liberation day and the people you would meet at the camp…

A picture of Dachau at liberation.

Camp liberation day pictures

British officers in camp

Political prisoners in camp

soviet soldier in camp

Supposedly Jehovah witness in concentration camp

Jehovah witness honored at the camp memorial

Women prisoners at concentration camp.

Mothers and their babies at Dachau

Children at so called liberation. Picture sent by Martin Emil Scott whose father holds a hat, front row second from the left

Emil Sylvan Scott who worked in Asia during WW2 before dying in 1942


Men at Dachau camp

Men at Dachau camp liberation

Men inside Dachau camp

When you feel like nude modeling before going to gaz chamber.

Gas chamber at Dachau, more of a shower.

The starved posing for picture at liberation.

When you are persuaded that all the jews in WW2 died from starvation and gaz chamber, not to say for soap making project…

Typhus sign in English  at camp entrance 

Another Typhus sign in English apparently put there by the british after Bergen Belsen was liberated

Typhus epidemic at Dachau, quoting Wikipedia”:

“In late 1944, a typhus epidemic occurred in the camp caused by poor sanitation and overcrowding, which caused more than 15,000 deaths.[43] It was followed by an evacuation, in which large numbers of the prisoners died. Toward the end of the war, death marches to and from the camp caused the deaths of numerous unrecorded prisoners. After liberation, prisoners weakened beyond recovery by the starvation conditions continued to die.[44] Two thousand cases of "the dread black typhus" had already been identified by 3 May, and the U.S. Seventh Army was "working day and night to alleviate the appalling conditions at the camp"

Typhus epidemic at Dachau

Typhus epidemic result at Dachau

Typhus epidemic supposed mass grave at Bergen Belsen with so called Nazi Dr Fritz Klein walking on the dead bodies. Nobody never thought about the fact that you would not go alive out of a champ of typhus contaminated dead bodies, not to say that the bodies would have been in putrefaction long before he could do anything about burying them. We will talk about him later on.

An example of the liberation propaganda sign at liberation

And below, we are still wondering if this should be called propaganda, or rather Jewish ass not knowing when to stop.

Cause according to Jews, all Germans can do is to starve people of course.

Now let’s start another part of this space and time travel:

American soldiers making Nazi salute with American flag and swastika flag

German soldiers rearranging Jews hair

Main gate at Dachau concentration camp.

DreamWorks studio entrance

Auschwitz main entrance

Pixar animation studio’s gate

Sky view of Bergen Belsen for sale on ebay.

Real sky view of Bergen Belsen, the so called nazi concentration camp Anne Frank stayed in.

Disney studio bird view

And just in order for you to get the American inspiration in Nazi Germany, some bird views of Hollywood studios at Burbank and Auschwitz.
Auschwitz is the place were the Jews were supposedly gazed. Remember?

Disney studio Burbank

Warner Bros Burbank

Auschwitz aerial view

Now, I would like to introduce you to a great comedian. I would have loved to introduce you to more, but I didn’t have that time today.

Dr Fritz Klein, so call Nazi Doctor who you saw walking on dead bodies in mass grave earlier , more of a jewish guy.

Alec Baldwin

And below, a list of very good comedians.

What’s left of Bregen Belsen for us to enjoy? I don’t know, maybe Ossama Ben Laden could tell you.

Most probably, nothing is left of the so called Bergen Belsen concentration camp.

Burbank city and its cinema studios according to Wikipedia:

“Burbank has a rich cinematic history. Hundreds of major feature films have filmed in Burbank over the years, but perhaps none more famous than Casablanca (1942), starring Humphrey Bogart.[64] The movie began production a few months after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Due to World War II, location shooting was restricted and filming near airports was banned. As a result, Casablanca shot most of its major scenes on Stage 1 at the Warner Bros. Burbank Studios, including the film's famous airport scene. It featured a foggy Moroccan runway created on the stage where Bogart's character doesn't fly away with Ingrid Bergman. Bonnie and Clyde (1967) was also filmed at the Warner Bros. Burbank Studios.”

Jews making fun on us because of a so called soap making project…

Documentary show film created at Auschwitz

Lili Jacob Meier in concentration camp

Lili Jacob Meier in militaria

Lilly Jacob Zemanovic or Meier

Ilsa Maier

Billie Jean King

Elizabeth Taylor

Henri Borlant survivor of Bergen Belsen camp

Bernie Sanders

Marceline Loriden Ivens survivor of concentration Bergen Belsen camp


Michelle daughter of Helene Lazareff . None of them have never been to concentration camp.

Victor Perahia survivor of Bergen Belsen camp

Georges Wolinski

I don’t have time for that to day, but if you want to rewrite the story of the titanic, here’s some clues….

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