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The Story of the unsinkable Titanic served cold

.....and seasoned with sea salt.
Today, I am going to write about the Titanic while my fellow French citizens in Canada are voting for the French presidential election. I do not vote, you would have guessed after reading my posts. Not that I am disinterested in democracy, but that when it comes to so called democracy, and more of a Jewish dictatorship, I prefer to see the Jews take responsibility for their dictatorship as a dictatorship.
So for those interested to play their game, so that they can pretend for the five next years that they have been democratically elected, you can vote at this address in Montreal:

Montreal College Stanislas
870 Boulevard Dollard.
QC H2V 3G5 Canada

(It’s not a joke!)

What is interesting with the story of the Titanic is that it plays on contradictory notions: The notions of eternity and immortality and the notion of death. If you remember in Greek myths, the titans, Greek gods, were there before The Greek Pantheon governed by Zeus in Mount Olympus, and they were overthrown by Zeus in a rebellion if we can express it this way.
The Jewish idea of overthrowing a God and a Father takes its origin in that myth, and have since then, been well used by the Jewish mafia black swan, and this is what we are going to try and develop here through the story of the so called Titanic, and its so called un-sinkability that has been sunk by Poseidon itself, or well…. Whatever.  In two words, it’s a story of Jews making fun of the world as a whole, and playing on our beliefs and the unconscious.

USS Carrier Franklin

“USS FRANKLIN (CV-13) - Known as "Big Ben". She was hit by Japanese bombs on March 19, 1945 and suffered horrendous losses. The bombs struck and the inferno was increased by the detonations of ready ammunition locker on the topside, filled with rockets and shells for the 5 inch, 40 mm, 20 mm and 50 calibre machine guns. Men died by the scores on the flight and hangar decks, or were trapped in the Combat Intelligence Center and the crowded deck workshops. The entire gallery, sandwiched between flight and hangar decks was a death trap. Offices and berthing compartments on the second and third decks were torn by explosions and swept by fire that spread from the hangar deck. Over 30 tons of high explosives were on the planes alone, and countless other tons in the lockers and ready magazines. But the FRANKLIN, charred, twisted and listing, somehow made it home, 12,000 miles through the Panama Canal to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Her sailors fought the fires and she survived. But the ship never saw action again as the war ended before she could be repaired. 724 sailors died and 165 were wounded.”

Some similarities with the Titanic except for the date? Let’s have a look at the Titanic.

Titanic under construction

Titanic Launch ticket May 31st 1911

The Olympic. Sailed from 1911 to 1935

The Olympic and its sister ship The Titanic at the port

The Olympic damage caused by collision with HMS Hawke

Sunken titanic

The titanic sinks: No lives lost

When you change your mind in between....

Titanic sinks on April, 14 1912: 1470 rescued

Titanic sinks April, 15 1912: 866 rescued

Titanic Sinks on April, 14 1912: Over Fifteen hundred sank to death

Why the titanic was not sunk by iceberg but by fire.
If you have noticed, the picture is the same as the one on the NY times of April, 16 1912 and it doesn’t look like the catastrophic Georges Cameron movie at all. The Titanic is afloat, it’s still day time, and there is plenty of rescue boats nearby, not to say that this happens in the port area.

The date the titanic sunk: April, 15  1912: 866 rescued, Ismay ( the Titanic owner) is safe.

Now let’s jump in time to another boat sinking disaster, that of the Admiral Graf Spee

The Admiral Graf Spee German navy ship

The Graf Spee after being scuttled by her own crew at the River Plate on December 1939

Captain Hans Langsdorff commander of the Admiral Graf Spee

Now back to the titanic: The victims of the Titanic disaster.

Mr Harvey Collyer and family

J Bruce Ismay owner of the titanic who escaped the supposed disaster.

Aby Warburg

Otto Hermann Kahn

William Thomas Stead according to Encyclopedia Britanica

William Thomas Stead

A few titanic officers

Commander Edward John Smith

Sub Lieutenant Charles Herbert

Henry Heudenfeld

Those who did not die that day on the titanic


Harold Thomas Cottam

Gerald Felix Warburg.

Edward Mortimer Maurice Warburg

Gerald Felix Warburg or is it Edward Mortimer Maurice Warburg with Felix Warburg and Ms. Maurice Loeb on boat deck

Frederic Kimber Seward

Not on the Titanic but interesting to our point.

Morgan Robertson

Futility or the wreck of the Titan, book by Morgan Robertson, wrote in 1889.

Book summary:

In 1889, Morgan Robertson wrote a fictional novel called "The Wreck of the Titan." In the novel, it follows the journey of a ship called the "Titan." The Titan was the largest ship ever built and was called "unsinkable." One April night, the ship strikes an iceberg in the Atlantic and sinks. Sound Familiar? When Robertson tried to get the book published, they were turned down because the story was too "unbelievable." 

And Finally, just to make a point and finish on a funny note:

The newspaper researches done by a fellow blogger on the 6.000.000 Jews who supposedly died during WW2. I let you appreciate

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