Monday, May 1, 2017

The kingdom of the Jewish thieves

I wrote this post for all the people in the middle east and Africa who are up to today treated like slaves by the Jews. May peace be upon you.

Today I am going to start my post with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has become the beacon of all wonders since it seems to have become the nest of the devil.
For that purpose, we are going back in time once when there was an arab king in Saudi Arabia.

King faisal

True King Abdullah died from uprising and torture.

Prince Abdullah and Prince Faisal

King Faisal, king because king Abdullah has died

So called king Salman

So called King Salman


So called Sylvester Stalone      

Raif Badawi

Ilan Halimi

Jeanette Bougrab

Ensaf Haidar wife of Raif Badawi

True Prince Abdullah supposed to become king Abdullah

So called King Abdullah of Saoudia

So called King Abdullah II of Saudia

So called Antonin Scalia

So called King Abdullah II of Saudia

So called Antonin Scalia

So called Stephan Harper

So called king Abdullah II of Jordan

So called king Abdullah II of Jordan 

So called Erdogan

So called Mohammed VI of Morocco

So called Pedro Almodaovar

So called Mohammed VI

So called Pedro Almodovar

Maitre Gims and the morrocan king

Maitre Gims without glasses

Maitre Gims with glasses again

Serge Defalet

Serge Defalet

DJ Arafat

DJ Arafat

Maitre Gims on getty images

Maitre Gims and his wife

Maitre Gims wife on Dakarswag

Maitre Gims wife and Irina Shaik

Tal on antisemitisme

Tall and Maitre Gims

Maitre Gims wife

Sonia Roland

Abubakar Shekau

Maitre Gims without Glasses

DJ Arafat

God is the master of my soul and light its command.

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