Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The kingdom of all despair

This  text is dedicated to all the princes and kings who have died, leaving their people at the hands of the Jews and their mafia.
There is a kind of cynicism in Jewish people that cannot be named, because if it was to be named, it would probably have to compete with the devil itself.
That said, if we are to name what cannot be named, let’s name it Jewish thirst for power.

The Shah, the last Arabo/Persian ruler in Iran and also Saudi Arabia

Iran Shah

King Faisal II of Saudi Arabia the same person. When one is overthrowen, the second dies.

Georges Bush Senior

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

So called Georges Bush junior

So called Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

So called Ayatolah Khomeini and so called Ayatolah Khameini

 So called Georges W Bush junior and so called Georges W Bush Senior

Dick Chenney

Hassan Rohani

Marc Rich

Michael Moore the anti gun guy

Donald trump, the pro gun guy

Malcom Turnbull

Mike Pence

Hassan Nasrallah, the jewish disguised as a muslim extremist

Luc Besson

Anne Sinclair

Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton

Billde Blaisio

Bill de Blasio

So called Khaled Meshal

True Khaled Meshaal died from poisoning by Jews

True Khaled Meshaal

Ben Carson

Denzel Washington

Janet Yellen

Theresa may

Elisabeth Warren

Michelle Aliot Marie

Edith Cresson

Dilma Rousseff

Enrique Pena Nieto

Lorenzo Lama

Marine Aubry

Angela Merkel

Michaelia Cash

Tzipi Livni

Matheo Renzi

Vincent Perez

Tsahal Israeli soldier

Tsahal Israeli soldier

Yanis Varoufakis

Jesse Klaver

Justin Trudeau

Rodriguo Duterte apologizes

Rodriguo Duterte

Young Rodrigo Duterte

Hirohito, last true emperor of Japan

True emperor Hirohito,  removed from throne

Japan so called emperor Akihito and family, more of false models pictures…

Japan emperor Akihito and Duterte

Ichiro Ozawa

Suposedely Ichiro Ozawa vs Abe Shinzo

Ichiro Ozawa and Abe Shinzo

Jia Qigling

Young Xi Jiping

Xi Jiping

Xi Jinping and Wife Peng Liyuan

Peng Liyuan

Peng Lei

Peng Lei disambiguation

Alexis Tsipras

Dimitri Medvedev

Real Vladimir Putin    


Real Vladimir Putin has been poisoned

Real Vladimir Putin and so called Vladimir putin

Ellen Degeneres

The degenerated Madona

And her degenerated boy friend so called Brahim Zabat

Jaden Smith son of Will smith

Degenerated Madona

Degenerated Vanessa Paradis

Lenny Kravitz

Ben Harper, the black jew singer

Jimi Hendrix

The degenerated Prince

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