Thursday, May 4, 2017

Salt disambiguation

Salt was a movie written  for the Russians and not inspired by the Russians. it's not about sea salt
Unusually, I am starting a post with Russia, because I truly think that Russia needs our help, left with a so called president after the assassination of an officially elected president, all this for the outcome of a war that doesn’t help the world as a whole, but only Jews.
This post will not be limited to this issue since we are going to try and find out once more, the extent of the Jewish mafia on the world, and specially in France since France election day is close, and since so called president Obama and so called Prime minister Angela Merkel have come out to support Emmanuel Macron. We will try to find out why, even though we do not support any of the Jews who pretend to be our president one day.
Please, for a better understanding, try to read the following post before reading the current one:

So here is the so called Vladimir Putin:

And here is the true Vladimir Putin:

And this is what some people seems to find funny:

Now lets try to find out how come nobody noticed any difference between the real one and the false one. It is because Putin is supposed to have gain weight, which would be possible if it was not the apparent plastic surgery that appears on his face and that you can only see on people who went through heavy plastic surgeries , not to say on some degenerated movie stars.


By the time I finished doing my researches on this subject, the picture I planned to add had disappeared from the webpage linked above, and from my computer. It represented so called Marc Sanderson receiving an award at the Trump tower.

Mark C Sanderson

So called Vladimir Putin

Before we go further, let’s try to find out who has ruled us ( in France) for the past 5 years. On the links below, you will have all the details about our last government.

Or you can also read all my posts about Black swan, the Jewish mafia which tries to dominate us and the whole wide world, not to say that they have not already succeeded in France, but simply that we enjoy reminding them that they are humans like all of us, and that they can poop too.

So here here is a so called French politician that I did not mention in my last posts:

So called Jean Marc Ayrault

Surprise! A Jew. One more!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

This might explain the so called Gay marriage in France which was more of a Jewish Hollywood degenerated habit gaining on France.

Now another so called French defending the French people:

So called Nicolas Dupont- Aignant

Seen the name, Dupont-Aignant, we would have guessed. Dupont is like John Do in the US.

So called Andy Brady (coach at the Ariane Rothschild fellowship)

So called Baroness Ariane de Rothschild

So called Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Now let’s go back to Russia for a second.

So called Glenn Grenwald and So called Edward Snowden

When you need to talk to yourself

So called Timothy Geithners

So called Edward Snowden

So called Glen Greenwald

So called David Mayer de Rothschild

So called Nathaniel de Rothschild

So called Emmanuel Macron

Now some so called Rothschild family history and more of a mind manipulation and mind control at work.

So called Baron Henri de Rothschild 

The banner says "Chateau mouton Rotschild" the name of a french wine which means in english "Castel sheep Rotschild".

So called  Henri de Rothschild

So called Karl Marx

So called Baron Henri de Rothschild disambiguation

So called Baron Henri James de Rothschild

So called Fiedrich Engels

So called Baron Edmond James de Rothschild       

Sometimes known as Edmond Adolph de Rothschild.

So called Sigmund Freud

So called Rene Cassin

So called Paul Warburg

And so called Felix Warburg

So called James Warburg

So called Jacob Schiff

Joseph Stalin

So called Edmund de Rothschild

So called Theodore Roosevelt

So called Max Warburg

So called Paul and Max Warburg

Mark W Clark

Otto Warburg, medicine nobel price

Otto Warburg

Adolph Hitler

Adolf Hitler

So called Elie de Rothschild

When Hitler was younger…

Adolph Hitler

So called Edmond de Rothschild

So called Baron Edward de Rothschild disambiguation

So called Charles Ferdinand Ramuz

When Adolf Hitler face becomes larger…

Adolf Hitler large face

So called Edmumd Maurice Burke-Roche, 4nd Baron Fermoy disambiguation


Later on…

So called New Baron James de Rothschild and Yvette Choquet

So called Jane Fonda without the wrinkles

So called Jane Fonda with Wrinkles

So called Brigitte Macron and so call Emmanuel Macron

Moral of the story, It looks like so called Emmanuel Macron has married one of his so called great grandma.


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