Sunday, May 7, 2017

Music, the entertainment industry and mythomania

I have been writing in this blog since the day I have been banned all at once from all the so called social medias, which are more probably Jewish mind manipulation tools.
Since then, my posts have been more and more accurate, and also more and more cynical because once you go through this black swan mafia, cynicism can only gain on you since the Jewish mafia world is a world of cynicism. I think that I have more than proven it.

This is my last post in this blog, at least for a long time, unless of course I am left with no other choice than to write again. I have accomplished my mission which was to heal my readers from blindness, and now I will be back to my family which I have to take care of.

I wanted for this last post to focus on the so called notion of democracy as it is sold to us by the west, with the whole world falling for it. Democracy doesn’t exist and is a mere illusion. I have dissembled this illusion for the French and also for some other countries during the past months, you can now finish dissembling by yourself, and I am sure that you would agree with me that the cynicism behind the architecture of this illusional democracy has to be addressed.
 To prove my point: I just learned that Emmanuel Macron has been elected president of France with more than 65% of the votes, making him greater than the greater dictators.  Thanks to him and his team for making me right.
I leave you with that, and I advise you to read the post that I linked below for a better understanding of the current one.

What I was trying to do during the past month, in addition to deliver you from your illusional freedom, is simply this: I was trying to put my finger in the asses of those who have treated me like a robot for the past ten years, making me wonder if I was on earth because God created me, or if I was here because the Jewish mafia created me.
And I actually did put my finger in their asses.

Now let’s get to the subject of artificial intelligence or how some fat greasy Jewish asses think that they can control us like robots or sheep.

About IA (intelligence artificielle in French) or AI (Artificial Intelligence in English)

IA: Industrielle Alliance job, the only job offer I ever had in my almost 2 years in Canada, offer that I declined.

IA: Industrielle Alliance Canada

The reason why I declined the job

Alliance industrielle job offer and address at “Boucherville” (Butchercity in English)

IA: intelligence artificielle, spelled AI in English

AI – Artificial intelligence movie by Steven Spielberg

Moutons (or sheep in English)

The ad says: You are the majority.

The wine “Chateau mouton Rothschild” ( can be translated by “Castel sheep Rothschild”)

You can read about the Rothschild family and the new baron Nathaniel de Rothschild below. Please notice the resemblance between the so called Nathaniel de Rothschild and The so called Baron Philippe de Rothschild on the picture above.

Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild

French presidential candidate Emmanuel macron.

French presidential candidate Emmanuel macron’s slogan: “En Marche!” ( which means "Go!")

Incidental reminder that echoes on some people’s beliefs

Now let’s get to the point and how all this mind manipulation started with the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

An example back in time, at the 1969 Grammy awards.

Fleetwood Mac wins Grammy awards 1969

 (1st row, 1st on the right)

Lindsey Buckingham

Steven Spielberg

1st row, 2nd from left)

Stevy Nicks

Carrie Fisher as princess Lea

1st row, 2nd from the right)

Christine McVie

Lady Di

 (1st row, 1st right)

John McVie

Bruce Springsteen

 (2nd row)

Mick Fleetwood

Alec Guiness as Obi-wan Kenobi

Modern days, more awards more power.

Adele wins 6 Grammy awards 2016

Ariane de Rothschild

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau


Plus, the media working on their game, making it global.

One more example of mind manipulation below:  The so called Ould Mohammed Vall is reality a code name for Emmanuel Valls, and he is not dead, he plans another party in France.

Ould Mohamed Vall dies May 06 2017

So called Ould Mohamed playing the body guard at so called Francois Hollande and so called Mohamed II of morocco lunch at select restaurant in France yesterday May 17 2017.

If you want more information on the so called Francois Hollande, follow the links below:

And if you want more information about the so called King Mohamed II of Morocco, you can follow the link below:

And as a reminder, while you enjoy your “Chateau mouton Rothschild”.

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