Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tribute to Ronald Reagan and the Hollywood movie show

So it has come to me that we think that we (France) are the most tortuous country in the world, and that whiteness has a privilege when it comes to tortuous scenarios. Well, this is not the case, and this is why I wanted to highlight the point that the Jewish mafia tribe black swan has taken over the world, all races and colors included.
The purpose of this post is to pay a tribute to Ronald Reagan who the first has made it possible, at least ostensibly, for an actor or a comedian to become president, and not any president, but the president of the United states of America.
This time, in addition to the links and pictures, I will add a few comments here and there.

Michelle Obama

Carol Moseley brown

Michelle Obama young

Carol Moseley young

Trummy Young

Trummy Young birthday Hawaii

(link above, look at the picture next to Trummy’s picture, it might help)

Trummy in color           

Could the 106 year old lady be first lady Nancy Reagan?

Nancy Reagan

Nancy Pelosi        

Phillippe Seymour Hoffman

Steve Bannon

Reagan trump

Reagan finger           

Donald Trump finger

Ronald Thumb

Trump Thumb

How possibly can a personal bodyguard have false hands except if it is something else they are trying to drive our attention from, like the president itself who is much thinner than he should be. Why is he thinner if he is himself?

Donald Trump and melania Trump

Young Jacky kennedy 

Younger Nancy Reagan

And for a subtil rememberence

Marion Le Pen

Carla Bruni

Jean Lasalle

Nicolas Sarkozy

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