Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The story of a false god

So it has come to me that the power is getting angry at me and would like me to shut my mouth once and for all.
Well, with all due respect, God is the master of my soul and light its command, and only from God do I take orders. And as a reminder, there is no God but only God, and those who have sined will pay the price in this life or another.
And if you are not responsible, then you should not be afraid and try and shut me down.

Obama on selfies

Marine Le Pen on French pussies

Hitler Assassin creed

Chaplin Hitller

Charlie Chaplin

Hitler encyclopedia britanica 

Staline & co

Staline and young Svetlana Alliloueva

Staline Getty image

Staline photomontage getty

Hossein Yazdanpanah 

New Hossein Yazdanpanah

Act like staline 

Svetlana alliloueva, Stalin’s Daughter

Margaret tatcher + babies

On the right the supposed General De Gaulle before 1940

Phillippe de Gaulle believed to be son of general de Gaulle and supposedely Charles de Gaulle

The true so called georges Orwell

The true so called Georges Orwell and his son Richard Blair or is it Tony?

The so called Charles de Gaulles

Adolf Eichmann

Adolph Eichmann

False Charles De Gaulle

False Charles De Gaulle

True and False Baron Kurt Von Hammerstein

The so called Werner Eduard Fritz von Blomberg

1970 , the so called Charles de Gaulle dies

1970 Churchill celebrates his 90th birthday and also his true self

Back in 1940 Charles de Gaulle is condemned to the death penalty

The so called Adolph Eichman is condemned to the death row by an Israeli court.

The so called Eichman false execution but General Charles de Gaulle real execution

The real Charles De Gaulle in the French resistance first row third position and second row 1st position.

The true Charles de Gaulle and french resistance executed  

The true Charles De Gaulle as Patrick MacGrath executed in English prisons, sept 1940

The so called Francois Mitterand 1940

The so called General De Gaulle in 1940

The so called Charles De Gaulle and his daughter Anne who had supposedely down syndrom

Anne Franck at her desk

The desk is a bit contemporary with an ikea feel.

Anne Frank enjoying the sun in the backyard

For those who didn’t know how it was to photo model in the 1940’s

Philippe de Gaulle the false son of General De Gaulle

The so called  Valery Giscard d’estaing and the so called Jacques Chirac

The so called  Charles de Gaulle Valery Giscard d’estaing

false Jacques Chirac and false Bernadette Chirac

Young so called Bernadette Chirac

So called Claude Chirac

So called young Jacques Chirac

Or so called young Jacques Chirac

Anne de Gaulle has kind of changed…

The so called young  Shinzo Abe

True Shinzo Abe

The so called young Abe Shinzō with father Shintarō

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo and Abe China's President Xi Jinping

Assumed Mao Zedong

The so called  Mao Zedong photo

False red book

The so called  Mao Zedong

The so called  Mao Zedong Getty image

True Mao Zetong 

True picture of book with false picture of Mao Zedong

The so called Dalai Lama

The real Dalai Lama

The real Dalai Lama

False  Iggy pop hands hurt

False Iggy pop with make up and true iggy pop a few years ago

True Mariam Martinet

No over true Mariam Martinet yet…  

True Saddam Hussein

True Kadhafi

The so called Ben Laden

The so called Ben Ladden then real dead Ben Laden

The real Karl Marx

The real Albert Einstein

True picture and some false persons

The true C. G. Jung


The true red book by jung

The so called and false C.G. Jung and true Karl Marx and Einstein

True Moses Hess


The real Karl Marx or so called Karl Marx

The so called Stanley Hall

Load of true false persons ( ex: Rufus Keller)

The real so called Roosevelt

The real so called Einstein

The real so called Einstein

The real so called Freud

The so called Clement Freud model for Freud’s history books

The real so called Margaret Tatcher 

The so called Joseph G Cannon and real Rufus Keller

The so called Joseph G Cannon and real Rufus Keller

The so called Rene Bousquet and true Rufus Keller

The real 1st Adolph Hitler

The real 2nd Adolph Hitler

The last Adolph Hitler replaced for the Jewish supremacy on the world

The true Einstein

The False C G Jung and true Einstein

The true Sigmund Freud

The true Georges Orwell and last Einstein and Freud and Roosevelt

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