Saturday, April 29, 2017

The so called Saif al Islam, mostly jewish propaganda

So today, I am making a short post about black swan hands in Africa. I can’t make it longuer because I am tired and also I have a family life to take care of, but I wanted to make this post before the week end, and also for my other country Mali, which is left in dishonest jews hands.
You will be surprised here to discover that the so called  Saif al Islam is truly a jew and that his mission was to bring chaos to Lybia and the whole African continent. If you really think about it, nobody has never heard about him before this so called lybian uprising. Now Lybia is left in jewish hands to be robbed.

But first, and for disambiguation, let’s start with the real sword of God, the master of my soul who has light as its command.

And now, a focus on the satanic verses.

Salman rushdi 

Mahmoud abbas.

Tarek Aziz

Tarek Aziz

Another tarek Aziz: Tarek N Aziz and Saddam Hussein resembling Saif al islam with hair.

Tarek N Aziz

Now saif al Islam origins…..

Saif al Islam Getty image

Thomas fabius

Why did Khadaffi died, and others black swan events in Africa…

Imran Khan

John Kerry meeting with Imran Khan

Imran Khan

So called Khaddafi

Don’t be fooled, Khadaffi is dead. He died a few times ago from torture by jews, long before all this real life Hollywood movie was made in Lybia.
And the jews are making fun of his memory, what they do best. So bad they didn’t think about Imran Khan for the role.

Saif al Islam selfie at Khaddafi’s death.

Second selfie in the middle

Another one who has a double in Europe this time….

Yaya Sanogo Arsenal player

Amadou Haya Sanogo, Mali soldier, rank: Capitaine General.

Azarock Ag Innaborchad

Ag Erlaf

Hadj ag  Gamou. Mali soldier, rank: General

Iyad ag Ghali

Ag Erlaf

Demba Ba

Macky Sall

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