Monday, April 10, 2017

The middle east in the midst of untruth

As Gandhi said in its speech in London 1931, “In my tour last year in Mysore I met many poor villagers and I found upon inquiry that they did not know who ruled Mysore. They simply said some god ruled it."
He also said that “I can see that in the midst of death life persists, in the midst of untruth truth persists, in the midst of darkness light persists.” You can read the full speech here:

Unfortunately, the full speech has been removed from YouTube, leaving you tubers with this:
or with this: ( In case you hadn't noticed, this is a speech from a hollywood movie) 

All this to give you an example of what black swan does with reality and therefore the truth when that truth doesn’t fulfill its needs or when that truth plays against it.

We have seen during the past years what have been done to Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria or Yemen, and I might have forgotten some places, and yet black swan untruth and manipulated realities has to confront the truth because as Gandhi have said, in the midst of untruth, truth persists.
What I want to say here, and I wrote 2 books about it (in French for those who read French), is that the mind manipulation that goes on today, originated by the Jewish mafia tribe Black swan will always find us in front of it. The reason why is simple: The world is dying of it.

Links to free download my books (this link might only last for a few days or hours since everything is done by the Jewish mafia Black swan to stop me from giving these files for free download):

Links to Black swan modus operandi

NB: I just learned today written on black on white that "I have been banned from I wonder if afrikaneers were Jews or something...."  

Also interested by the fact that sputnik news international has been quick to remove the link to this post... Is sputnik news Jewish or something....? Cause if they were Jews, Oh my gosh, imagine the big threesomes that's taking place right now in the middle east. 

PS: I fucked you first.... again!  

Alors on n'oublie pas? Essaye encore pour voir!!

Si tu veux savoir ce que c'est que de se faire enfariner plus que ce que je viens de t'enfariner, essayes encore!!

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