Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Jewish thieves at work

So I was saying in my last post that I would write about the shameful Jewish mafia method that consists in emptying our pocket under the term of compensation.
As I have said, in order to be able to stop the Israeli company Partner communication to use its Orange brand name, France Telecom had to pay around 50 million dollars in compensation, plus another 15 million dollars on investments on the Israeli start up Hola.
This method of puncturing our economy without anything in return is presented to us by the black swan media body as something normal, and it is not. It’s called blackmailing, and one of its result is to have the French economy on its knees, selling out all its Jewels without anyone complaining about it, except the French party “Front national” which presents the problem as due to Europe, and the solution as leaving Europe. We don’t think that Marine Le Pen who presents herself as the David shield is stupid, but we think that she acts as she is meant to: a David shield which purpose is to protect the Jews and not the French ( sometimes it's the same and sometimes it's not).
So another example of this Jewish thief work in France is the one that has condemned the SNCF, the French public railroad company to pay 60 million dollars to the victims of the holocaust.
This compensation that again, a French public company had to pay to Jews for you don’t know what really, since the Jews that have been exterminated are not here anymore, and the one that are still here because they have escaped their programmed extermination by their fellow Jews are seeking compensations from the French instead of seeking compensation from their fellow Jew: I am talking about the Jew George Soros.

What has been said to us is that the French railroad company had a responsibility in the deportation (not the extermination) of the French Jews, and that it should pay for that if it ever wanted to apply for a business in America. Note here that America is quick to talk for the Jews (them again), while it exterminates Arabs in the middle east and note that it is the French national railroad company who has paid in order for the other privately funded company, Alstom to do business in the US.
So the SNCF which is a state owned company paid for the 60 million dollars and this price was echoed on the cost of the transportation in France.
Then the American General electric bought Alstom from a French fund, allowed Alstom to make business with the US, and had the French government bailout for the company “in deep difficulty” by buying trains to Alstom for the French railroad company. Note that General Electric itself is mainly owned by Georges Soros.
If it sounds hard to understand it is because it is mentally twisted like everything the Jews come up with to fuck the world, sometimes fucking up themselves on the way as a casualty. 
Re-read as much as you need.

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