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The aborted french resistance and the so called french heroes and liberators

Sometimes, what is in front of your eyes becomes invisible.

This post comes as a complement to my precedent post titled “ The story of a false religion.”
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Attentats par le groupe d’immigres juifs Manouchian

So called Marechal Petain

General Petain

Marechal Foch

Marechal Foch

General Petain replaced by General Nivelle supposedly during WW1

The great war

Robert Nivelle

Robert Nivelle

Charles Mauras

Joseph Gurney Cannon

So called marechal Petain

Mitterand et Le marechal Petain

Francois Mitterand soldat

So called Francois Mitterand and so called  Andre Malraux

So called Maurice Papon

Helene Lazareff

Francoise Giroud

Francoise Prevost

Micheline Garnier

Genevieve de Gaulle

Peshkoff was carried off the field of battle by the real general de Gaulle.


So called Charles de Gaulle

La voix russe de la resistance francaise

Jean Moulin et De Gaulle, no picture available but we have here Andre Malreau and the so calles De Gaulle

So called Jean Marie le Pen as a kid

Jean Marie Le pen young adult

Roddie Edmonds as a jews savior

So called Jean Marie Le Pen

Jean Marie Le pen on torture and resistance:
« Je n’ai rien à cacher. J’ai torturé parce qu’il fallait le faire. Quand on vous amène quelqu’un qui vient de poser vingt bombes qui peuvent exploser d’un moment à l’autre et qu’il ne veut pas parler, il faut employer des moyens exceptionnels pour l’y contraindre.
C’est celui qui s’y refuse qui est le criminel car il a sur les mains le sang de dizaines de victimes dont la mort aurait pu être évitée ».

Back in  1940

June 1940 :General de Gaulle promoted “sous secretaire d’Etat au ministere de la defense” by the Reynaud government. He goes to London to discuss alliance with Churchill. Back to France he discovers that Paul Reynaud government has resigned.

De Gaulle speech at BBC London

4 jully 1940: De Gaulle condemned in abstencia to 4 years in jail by a court in Toulouse ( France) for disobedience to its hierarchy.

2 august 1940: Charles de Gaulle French nationality removed in abstentia, only officially published on December 10th 1940.

3 august 1940: Charles Andre Joseph Marie De Gaulle condemned to the death penalty
Charles Andre Joseph Marie De Gaulle first on the right ( and not first on the left as it is usually believed)

Anna Marly

Anna Marly

Le chant des partisans

The partisan cover by Leonard Cohen

 “Le chant des partisans” music by Anna Marly, Lyrics by Maurice Druon and Joseph Kessel

About Anna Marly’s secret husband and the new contact with the secret French resistance that they could make:

“Le contact avec la France clandestine commençait à s'établir. Des Français à l'identité cachée arrivaient en mission. Je rencontrais Emmanuel d'Astier de la Vigerie, Joseph Kessel, Henri Frenay, Maurice Druon, Pierre Fourcaud, sans savoir qui ils étaient.”

Walthere Marly

Florence et Andre Malraux

Raymond et Lucie Aubrac

Lucie Aubrac

Raymond Aubrac

The French TV France 3 vue on the French guerilleros

Le Gall brothers or you can also understand De Gaulle brothers

Pierre Demalvilain or you can also understand the man to kill.

 Jean Moulin and the French resistance

Joseph Kessel

Joseph Kessel

La nuit des generaux
Realisation Anatole Litvak and andrzej Zulawski
Sript Paul Dehn and Joseph Kessel
From the books:
-The wary transgressor by James Hadley Chase
-The night of the generals by Hans Hellmut Kirst

Charles Leclerc

General Philippe Leclerc marechal de France

So called General de Gaulle, 1st on the left, True General de Gaulle, 1st on the right.

Jean Moulin during WW1

Death of Jean Moulin with false date

1943: Jean Moulin promoted by so called General de Gaulle

Jean Moulin in the army, WW1, first right. In black in the middle is the so called Charles De Gaulle.

So called Tom (Theodore) Morel

Forrest Frederick Edward Yeo-Thomas, the white Rabbit.

Forrest Frederick Edward Yeo-Thomas

Jean Moulin in the special section forces from 1940 40 1946

Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan code name Madeleine

Anna Marly

Denise Bloch

Micheline Garnier

Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan code name Madeleine

Anna Marly avec une cythare

Klaus Barbie

 Klaus Barbie profil

Klauss Barbie          

Klauss Barbie young without a hat

So called Jean Moulin

So called Forrest Thomas, the white Rabbit

Klaus Barbie old

Leo Ferre old

Leo Ferre and Pouta

Leo Ferre and Madeleine

Madeleine Malraux

Anna Marly

Masha Cohen

Leonard Cohen and his mother Masha Cohen

Death of Petain


King Abdullah

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