Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Terrorism: Black swan's best weapon

So the American flag is high on terrorism. Ben Laden has attacked the world trade center, we are on 9/11/2001 and the world is about to shift because it has finally found a good reason to go kill Muslims without any accountability.
This is why I think that the war on terror is one of Judaism (through its Black swan organization) best weapon against the Muslim world in order to colonize wherever it wants, also without any accountability.

But war on terror couldn’t exist if there were no terrorists. This is why the Black swan organization has worked so hard for many years to create all the infrastructure to make terrorism possible. This is not a story that started yesterday as you can imagine. It started when the Americans were arming the afghans rebels against the communist power in place and while in the meantime Israel was colonizing north east south and west.
So it sounds difficult to believe, and you would agree on this that someone who has worked for the CIA itself, the CIA is full of Jews, would suddenly kill all the Jews in the world trade center just because he wants to.

The thing is, there is so many cases now of these stupid false flags attacks, that Black swan barely tries to disguise, (and we will get back to this in another post), that it is not anymore that they look for our agreement on their shameful wars anymore. What they look for is for traces that they will be able to insert into our history books, so that our children can continue to cry for the next few centuries on the Jewish extermination.
These links are all the proof that these false flag attacks are all designed by the Black swan organization, and whoever doesn’t want to see it must be Jewish, even halfblooded.
The Bell Pottinger method of manipulating the masses by making false Al Qaeda’s video reflects an empire at the top of its art.

But this is just a way to tell the Palestinians who have fell for the American propaganda with the English company Bell Pottinger, that it is the source of many of their failures, as it has given the Black swan organization a full view on their secrets.

C’est pas moi qu’on citerait hein!!!

read about back swan here:

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