Sunday, April 2, 2017

Suicide: The Black swan's way in the west

So it has come to me that the black swan loves to be pretty. Pretty women, pretty lies, all that is pretty and can satisfy its big ego.
This is why it is interesting to note in western countries that in order to stay pretty, the black swan does not kill people, it would resemble too much the simple mafia’s ways, The black swan suicide them. By suicide them, we mean lead them to suicide, or help them suicide themselves, both ways help the black swan keep its aura of prettiness.
This is what has happened to many employees at France Telecom/Orange, the French telecommunication company which has seen suicide become viral among its employees.
France telecom is not any company, it is a huge company which has helped through its network Israel extend its grip on Palestine, Africa and the middle east, which means that is has helped Israel kill Black people and Muslims by appropriating all their secrets through their phone network and their internet network. 

The number of suicides at France telecom leads us to think that a certain number of person there might have not agree with the Jewish Israeli method, in other words, the black swan method.
They may have found no other alternative to their disagreement issue than suicide which leads us to think that in order to enslave the world, the Jews have no mercy for anything that’s on their way.
I myself have worked 2 months at Orange telecom, and can tell you that the work environment is for nothing in these suicides.
The so called end of contract between Israel’s Partner communication and France Telecom Orange is only a subtle way to make us (us French, us Africans, and us Muslims) forget about this sinister episode, and think that Israel has nothing to do with Orange’s network. This of course is a pretty Lie (one more), since Israel and Orange continue to collaborate through the Israeli’s start up Hola, and since the end of contract which has been much publicized and for which France telecom has paid 50 millions dollars compensation to the Israelis (I will get to this in another post), only concerns the end of the use of the brand name orange by Partner communication, and not the end of the use of its network.
I have put together a few links about the black swan and its modus operandi so you get to know it better than you ever have. The last link is about my children and I, a very interesting text which makes me think that the small little atom that I am has not escaped the reach of the black swan and its prose.
The illustration is the cover of the book of Nicholas Taleb “The black swan, The impact of the highly improbable”, who in a way that we would qualify as very pathetic, tries to give to the black swan organization a mystic aura.
There is nothing mystic about the black swan, remember, it’s a Jew's mafia crime organization, which because it has as members a bunch lot of scholars, politicians, journalists, self-proclaimed artists and scientists, tries to give itself a pretty face in the west. In Africa and the middle east, it swims on black water, a river of blood.>

A very interesting link  by its picture that leads almost nowhere :
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And finally a narrative portrait of Mariam Martinet and family. These guys truly love me!!!

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