Friday, April 21, 2017

Romance and Drama in politics

I thought that my yesterday post needed to be completed to add some color in it through romance. I hope you enjoy it!

 (PS: It looks like my blog is working properly today. If it is, I will update the post from yesterday with the links and pictures later tonight).

Choose the most classy, romantic or dramatically sexy...

Frederic Pechenard and Rachida Dati

Frederic Pechenard                     

Procureur Molins

Vincent Cassel

Yves threard


Stephane Richard

Philippe poutou

Eric Ciotti

Bernard Cazeneuve


Jean Luc Delarue

Evelyne Thomas





Alexandra Lamy

Melanie Laurent

Lea Salame

Veuve garde du corp

Romane Bohringer

Christine angot               

Jean Dormesson               

Roman Polanski

Jean Luc Godard

Andrzej zulawski

Ruth Elkrief journaliste et Sophie Marceau comedienne et metteur en scene

Ruth Elkrief

Sophie Marceau

Flavy Flament                   

Tristane Banon                         

Anne Sinclair

Catherine Deneuve                 

Dominique Strauss Khan

Daniel Auteuil

Jean Pierre Raffarin   

Raffarin et Stauss Khan

Patrick Besson

Michel Onfray

Boris Cyrulnik et Michel Onfray

Boris Cyrulnik

Alain Juppe                        

Le Drian



Maryse  Wolinski

Marie France Pisier

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