Tuesday, April 18, 2017

La decadence

I have chosen a French title for this post as it is mostly about France and its submission to the Jewish mafia tribe that is black swan.
In this post, you will have an idea or an understanding of the magnitude of this mafia’s hand on France.
As usual, I have provided you with quantity of links and pictures, so you can visualize the phenomena.

Jane Fonda

Brigitte Macron


Alain juppe

Jean Yves Le Drian


Azzedine Mihoubi


Jean luc Bennhamias

Professeur Choron

La Juventus de Timgad

Roberto Saviano

Romane Bohringer

Christine Angot

Valerie trieweiller

Anne Sophie Lapix

Candice Cohen

Karine Lemarchand

Audrey Pulvar

Ericka Bareigts


Patrick cohen

A father as sons?


Christophe Aleveque

Francois Baroin

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