Thursday, April 6, 2017

Jews colonizing in the name of France since at least 1860

So I said in a previous post that I would make a post about the false flags terrorists attacks which the black swan does not bother to disguise anymore as real terrorist attacks even though there is a tiny little bit of make-up.

Of course, the flags carriers are Jews and so pretentious and so full of themselves that they think that the world is already theirs to own.
So this is my longest post up to now, since I have put together a quantity of links and pictures, ( I love pictures, they talk more than word can ever do), through which you can learn a little bit about the Jewish history in France and Africa and the Jewish hand on the north African colonization by the French.

I plan one of these days to do the same for sub Saharian Africa and North America, since I have a love story with native Americans and a pact of alliance with them.

You will discover here about the so called “Alliance Israelite universelle”, created in 1860 by the French government…. We wonder why, and you will learn also about the control of north Africa by the Jewish Mafia Black swan.

You will learn how this mafia originated the creation of the state of Israel.

You will also learn about the control of Jews and Israel over the French institutions , and finally, you will learn how a false flag terrorist attack can be made without hiding from anyone, not even the police (of course), and you will probably deduct after you have read all of these links, that this is only the beginning, until….. well, until another Hitler comes and fuck them up.

Alliance Israelite universelle back matter:

Black swan in Maghreb:

Black swan thinking it’s smarter than anyone else:

read about back swan here:

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