Friday, April 14, 2017

Je vais vous foutre un proces moi!!!

The title of this post means in French, “I’m going to sue you!!!” It is a reference to a comment made by French presidential candidate Francois Fillon to French presidential Candidate Phillipe Poutou at a TV show during the 2017 French Presidential debate.

Since this blog is a lot about mind control, and mind manipulation, we thought that it would be funny to try and find out who’s who. The idea of finding out who’s who was inspired by a precedent blog post, and the difficulty one can have to make a choice between two pictures.
This is why I advise you to read these three posts before going through the current one.

And of course, you can go through all my blog posts if you want to get an even bigger picture.

I will not say more, everyone will have to make its own conclusion after having gone through the links and pictures.

We must save Marianne….

Philippe Poutou


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