Thursday, April 13, 2017

Healing you from blindness for free.

So it has come to me that the information that I am sharing on my blog do not please the power. Well this is normal because the power has been playing with information since at least the beginning of the 20th century, but I would say much much longer.
I have put together as usual, quantity of links and pictures in order for you to have a better understanding of what is happening right now, and which is no more than a colonial war which has started a few centuries ago, culminated at WW2, and is not about to finish.
Since it is all about war, everyone has to take a side, except of course if your name is Switzerland, in which case you are the laundromat.
You will notice that the titles on the newspaper strangely resemble the titles on the newspapers today, which could make us wonder if history goes forward or backward.
Black swan at work, taking advantage of its power on the medias, and of our blindness ( for most of us). I will leave you with that, as a meditation on past-present-future and Jews in the world today.


For those who still thought that it was Germany who first declared war on Jews. It was in 1933:

In regard to theses infos, we can ask ourselves how can Judea declare war if it was not already Israel in a way or another:

Here’s the truth:

Note on the newspaper below that Israel is banned from all public functions. It was in 1940 in France:


Black swan thinking it is smarter than everybody else and writing books to prepare us for our future blindness on the account of communism:

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