Saturday, April 15, 2017

Charlie & co.

I thought since we are in the mind manipulation deconstruction process, that it would be interesting to introduce to you some of the great actors who made us cry in front of this pathetic movie that was “the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack”.
I have again put together a certain quantity of links and pictures so that you can follow this tortuous conspiracy without losing your mind.
Like for the past post I wrote, I advise that before you read this one, and for a better understanding, you first read the following posts, and all me blog if you wish to.

Today, I will only go in picture and a few links as I am tired as you can imagine.
First we will start by the most prominent actor: The dead ones.


So here’s a picture of the dead at his own funeral…isn’t that funny that no one recognizes him?
Of course, no one can recognize him because he is dead or supposedly dead.






Bernard Maris






melenchon heritier

Jean sfar


Young Melenchon

Yossi Kuperwasser young and …….old

elie Kakou

Gad Elmaleh

Patrick Drahi

Elie Semoun


Vincent paillon

Dupont Aignant

As father as son?

boris cyrulnik

Philippe Geluck

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