Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Black swan's viral contamination department

Ok, so not as usual, I will start my post with a picture of a tactical discussion between Black swan members on how to present amorality as moral. Remember, mind control? That’s what Black swan does the best. This said, we can always look at the picture differently and see two persons in the middle of a philosophical argument.
It is not the case as Black swan has taught us what it looks like to be free to say what you have to say without anybody complaining about it since everyone is already blind.

I told you that I would make a special post on the Black swan immune viral contamination department better known as the Smallpox/Ebola/Zika/Cholera department.
This department of the Black swan Jewish mafia organization is in my opinion the more shameful, not to say that the others are not, but this one, especially in its last action has touched the very fabric of human beings, God’s creation, without fear or ethics or second thought other than the same “Should I kill these savages who do not recognize my supremacy?
Same second thought that they probably have every time they eradicate a population.

So this department of viral contamination which spreads diseases every time someone refuse to acknowledge its colonial power can only leave us without words, but a feeling one would have when seeing the devil in action. “Oh no he didn’t”!
 But yes he did. Of course he is the devil incarnated.

Every time the Black swan is refused something that it truly wants, it spreads disease. It’s called the Black swan final solution. It exterminates anything that bothers it on its quest to power.

Be it the native Americans exterminated in silence at an unimaginable scale by the smallpox which spread to them by a contaminated blanket given to them by General Jeffrey Amherst, or the Guineans who refused to the Black swan the access to its energy resources and where contaminated by bats (left there by some scientist who were doing researches on Ebola) , or the Brazilians who said in the face of the earth to the Black swan that they stood against it in regard to colonization, or even the Haitians who said that they were now owners of their natural resources, All those who have been spread with some sort of poisonous diseases have disobeyed the Black swan’s power and control schemes.



And finally, the black swan thinking it can betray us without consequences:

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