Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Black swan in Mexico, the US and Canada

Black swan could be associated to the law and order in the US, as it is black swan that proceeded to the arrest, the imprisonment, and the extradition of the so called Drug Lord Joachim El Chapo, which in my eyes is more of an other disobedient person, disobedient to the will of the great Jewish Mafia Black swan.
As we have demonstrated through the past month, This Jewish mafia tribe has all the tools it needs (comedians, politicians, journalists, Scientists, researchers, financial operators, police, justice and the military), to accomplish its work of bringing chaos to the world, and this for the Jewish supremacy over it.

As you will see on the links below, there's many of them. The black swan organization is not a young one, we could track it up to the native American extermination which has been presented to us as a European work. It was more of a European Jew’s work in which the Europeans have left their soul as they did for the holocaust or the African American slavery and other shameful actions.

We will not elaborate much here since we have provided you with quantity of links to read and study in order to comprehend better how the black swan enslaved the world yesterday and still want to keep it under control even though the world doesn’t want it anymore.
Shame on you!!

Black swan still thinking it’s smarter than anyone else:


read about back swan here:


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