Monday, April 3, 2017

Black swan in Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia

I was about to title this post: Black swan, an Israeli born disease in Brazil, then I changed my mind because I am planning to have a special post on the black swan viral disease department.
So I decided to extend this post to the whole Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia, since they are all suffering from the fear mongerer black swan which doesn’t hesitate to kill by spraying viruses like it did in Guinea.
In this part of the world, like in Africa and the middle east, the money and the natural resources are at the core of black swan’s actions, but not only. Here intervenes also an ideological question, of non-submission to the western world ideologies, in other words, disobedience to capitalism.

This has been the very question that has started the successions of events designed by black swan to over through Dilma Rousseff, and take the power in Brazil.

Be it Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru or china, not to say North Korea, this part of the world is considered to be the center of subversion for capitalism, and therefore a movement to eradicate.
When Dilma Rousseff refused the appointment of the Israeli ambassador active member of the Jewish colonization movement, it was for her like signing a resignation letter as a president. The Jews, all of them did not stop until she was ousted from power.
What makes this episode even more dramatic, is that they did not hesitated to use their viral disease spreading system on new born babies, and we will get to this in another post.
This is what makes this organization a shame on the face of the planet earth, and this weaponization of viruses is one of the reasons (but not the only one) why I have decided to go after the Jewish mafia, and expose it no matter what.

My life has been made difficult, but one-minute thought about all these people killed without even having the opportunity to live, and this just because the Jews can decide so, made me rethink my perspectives on life and difficulties.

Black swan still blackmailing:,7340,L-4016463,00.html

read about back swan here:


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