Monday, April 3, 2017

Black swan in Europe and Russia

Black swan has grown to reach the whole world, and after having experienced a power outage this morning which stopped us from posting earlier, I am here starting a series on how black swan operates in the world.
This post is about the black swan organization practice in Europe and Russia.
In Europe and Russia the ground makes things easy for it, first because Europe and Russia are full of Jews, and secondly because Europe and Russia are full of guilt for what supposedly happened during WW2. When we say what supposedly happened, it is not that we deny the Jewish extermination, even if we sincerely believe that it has been overrated in order to keep the feeling of guilt strong making mind control easier on European populations. It is how it happened that we do not believe, because if the moral comportment of the Jews was in 1939 as it is now, there is no doubt that we are surfing on a huge wave of lies about all that happened to lead Europe and the world to WW2.

As we say this, we know already that many of you will stop giving credit to anything that we say because you have been formatted to disbelieve anything negative that you are told about the Jews. As I said in a previous post, the Jews and their mafia crime organization have grown together to become symbols of perfection which can’t be touched by dirt and whoever says something negative about the Jews becomes dirt. This is how mind control works, and this is what is certainly leading us to a WW3 before we even know it.
The links below will tell much more about the Jewish organization practices in Europe and Russia than we could say,  but if it ever came to our mind to tell you that one of its goal is to bring a war between Russia and Europe, some obtuse mind would still not believe it even though everything is there to prove it.

The black swan blackmailing as usual:,7340,L-4016463,00.html

read about back swan here:


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