Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Black swan in Asia, Australia and New Zealand

The black swan organization in Asia couldn’t be treated in one post because Asia is a big place. So I have decided to split it into two, this one concerns the places in Asia where the Black swan have the more ground, and I have added Australia and New Zealand since they are close in distance, which makes business between them more common, even though Australia and New Zealand are more like western countries in terms of cultural ground (they are sometimes synonymic to Israel as it will be brought to you on the picture below).

So in this part of Asia that I have treated here, which include India, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, (I could not include everyplace which does not mean that everyplace is not concerned), it looks like the Black swan feels like at home. Books and review shops, Cafes, Financial market, navy, everything has been put in place to make its life easy. Of course, it pretends to be at home, telling whoever wants to hear it that it descends from Australia and New Zealand, understand here native to the place which of course is not true, it has stolen the place as it does everywhere it goes and we have, we think, more than proven this, and we will keep on bringing proofs to attest that what we are saying is what in fact happened through history.
So the native Australians, also known as aboriginal Australians which means Maui in Disney movies, are being used for brain washing purposes, as if they had not been used enough through the pasts centuries, which leads us to say as we have said before that Black swan the Jewish mafia tribe is without limits, a shame on the face of mother earth.

And again the black swan organization thinking it’s smarter than anyone else:


read about back swan here:


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