Monday, April 3, 2017

Black Swan in Africa and the Middle east

Black swan in Africa and the middle east is the source of all the blood spilled these past 50 to 60 years, up to when the new colonization model understood that old colonization schemes couldn’t work anymore.
Black swan in Africa plays on the ideas of freedom and emancipation from the old powers, to implement its own power in Africa and thus its leadership.
Colonization and Africa is an old story, and whoever understands how to surf on it, understands how to enslave Africans again.
This is why Black swan in Africa is a weapon dealer selling weapons to those in need of emancipation. Be it the Sahraouian or the Targi, The north Nigeria Muslims described as Boko Haram, be it El Shahab or Mujao, all of them are trained and weaponized by black swan and the Jews training centers in Africa and the middle east, trained by black Jews, and encouraged to fight in the name of freedom. If you ask them all, they will tell you that they are freedom fighters and that they want their independence, always pointing out at the unacceptance of the colonial borders or at the unacceptance of dictatorship, or at the unacceptance of corruption.
The colonial borders are not the question, and we all more or less know this. The problem is the whole Sahara and the whole Africa has proved itself to be rich in natural resources leading to the greed of the black swan organization.
It is exactly the same thing happening now in Yemen or Syria, Libya or Iraq. It’s all about natural resources appropriation disguised as fight for freedom, sometimes for democracy and other times against corruption, depending on the historical ground of the countries where the fights are taking places.

This leads us to think that if there is one thing that the black swan organization can do better than anyone, it is to manipulate minds. The mind control system of the black swan organization is its more powerful weapon (this is why we wrote 2 books about it) , even more powerful than its real weapons which are powerful and almost unlimited.
Black swan third stronger enslavement weapon, some says its second, is the viral disease spreading system.
The links below show only a small part of the Black swan hand in Africa, we will make distinct posts to address these systems, one about the viral disease as a black swan weapon, and another one about the terrorist organization as a black swan weapon.

The black swan thinking that it is smarter than everyone else:

read about back swan here:


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