Sunday, March 26, 2017

The woman, the false communist and the free masons

So it looks like the French politics are all double sided which is the real reason why I have been supporting Francois Fillon since the beginning of the political campain even though I am not a liberal and even less a pro-Jews (not even at a small scale you would have guessed).
I am the woman and the communist who believes that communism is before all a life style, which means that it does not like much certain type of political behaviors.
More than money and capital, it takes at heart the people.
So I have been observing for a certain numbers of years this so called communist, Jean Luc Melanchon with a certain circumspection, not to say with a certain apprehension, as he is the one (like many French communists) who screams for social justice while practicing social injustice. Even if he presents himself as a pro Palestinian, he is quick to slap those who disobey Israel.
He qualifies himself as a YouTube star, well, well, well, he is certainly a free mason star, and most probably a Jew’s star, working in secret for the Israelis against the Palestinians and the Iranians, not to say the Lebanese and the Syrians.
The one thing I just discovered about him is that like Le Pen and Macron, he also is very much linked to Algeria as his family was one of those that Le Pen’s father was protecting in their colonial work by torturing innocent Algerians.
Some says that his family is from Spanish Jewish descent who had to hide their Jewishness when Jews were banned from Spain ( yes, the same thing over and over again, we wonder why).
One thing is certain, most of the French people installed in Algeria during the colonisation who were called “pied-noirs” (black feet) were Jews.
I don’t think Jean Luc Melanchon is a communist, I do believe that he has been placed where he is in order to stop those with communist views to succeed in their fight for social justice.
He is a demagogue who has the talent of recuperating any communist idea and will by transforming it through the free mason lenses and make it acceptable for his capitalistic temple.

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