Monday, March 27, 2017

The shameful reason why the Jews want the power in France

The true reason why the Jews want the power in France as they have wanted it in Nazi-Germany.
It is a reason so shameful that even the more conspiracy theory mind wouldn’t think about it.
It is for the remake of the Jewish extermination in Europe, so that the Jews leave Europe and fill out the space in Israel.
This would give them a logical reason to continue their colonization work in the middle east, and then in Africa, because as I have said in my books, the Jews know nothing but mind manipulation to accomplish their will.

It is not that they are not already colonizing the world, it is that they have lost the momentum and the support of the world for their bloody work.
They have built their so called Jewish land, Israel which is more of a stolen land, on the ashes of their fellow Jews, (what a shame!), and it is a secret for no one that the Rothschild (Jews), The American federal reserve and the bank of England all have Financed Hitler, and it is also no more a secret that Georges Soros a Jew has worked on exterminating Jews in concentration camps. Note that he is still freely manipulating the world without any Jew complaining about it.

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