Friday, March 24, 2017

The jews, the world and the fed up

It is funny how the so called jewish establishment can do whatever it wants to silence voices that disagree. I've been banned from Facebook ,Twitter, Linked-in and Pinterest unless I change or erase my posts. Well I have chosen not to comply.
I do believe that the jews are a big part of the big mess the world is in today.
The jews are everywhere trying to impose their views, political or social on the world, and the world is sick of it.
The jews for the sake of their own jewish agenda are ready to walk on anything and everything, and this without shame at all.
Right now, they are trying to impose their political agenda on the french people who don't want them anymore.
After imposing us one of their subordinate, Francois Hollande, they are trying to impose to us by force two other of their subordinates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, both ready to fight for the jewish cause that is Israel, even at the price of war and blood.
They manipulate our medias, press and television, they manipulate our police and justice system. This is how they got to put one of our presidential candidates in a difficult posture, not because he is a corrupt person and a bad man, but because the jews have the power to do so.
Their agenda does not stop to France, because everywhere the Jews can try and impose their views, they do it. They did it in brazil, in Venezuela, and of course Africa and the middle east is their favorite playground.
I am also going to publish this as a google doc, and save it elsewhere so that the world gets to read this one day when the jewish people once again start complaining about the world not being nice to them.

read about back swan here:

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