Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The fear mongerer in fear because of a little black girl

The fear mongerer has been living all these years, not to say these centuries by enslaving black people mostly, but not only, and all of the sudden, the fear mongerer is afraid, all because of a little black girl, me, the “Jew’s slapper”.
Why is that? After all, the black swan has shut this little girl down from all spots on the internet, leaving her with a small blog or two and very few audiences.
Then why be afraid?
The fear mongerer is afraid because the fear has not taken, and the black swan knows it well, when the fear does not take, it means that he is about to lose one of its colonies, like with all the persons before who have not been afraid to tell the fear mongerer right in its eyes to go fuck itself.
I’m talking about Ghandi, Mandela, Fidel Castro and so on.
The black swan knows that this is a sign of the presence of the white swan, and the fear mongerer knows that in front of the white swan, it has nothing to do but lick the carpet if he is asked to do so because there is no god but God, and in God’s presence, the devil can only bow.

All this to say that it has come to me that the president of the United States of America would like me to bow in front of Israel and retract from whatever I have said about the Jews.
Well, with all due respect, the Jews are what they are, a shameful bunch of manipulative people which I would much like to see thrown out of Palestine, since Israel is only a mental elaboration.
The west is only defending these shameful manipulative assassins because they are what they are, their own people sent there to colonize in the name of Jewishness.
Jews have no right to be in Palestine other than the right of the thief knowing that when the law comes, the thief has to give back whatever it has stolen.
And so, here we are, in this rhetorical argument, knowing that I, Mariam Martinet have been threatened to be thrown out of north America, (after my children and I have already been thrown out of all Jewish places out of fear) if I do not comply.
I do not comply.

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