Thursday, March 30, 2017

Park Geun, the girl who has refused to become a black swan

The girl who has refused to become part of the Israeli’s army has seen herself arrested and imprisoned today. (I told you this was the Jewish's modus operandi! Ah!)
One would have thought that the racial difference would have made it impossible for them to operate in certain parts of the world, well no.
We will not question the misogyny in all this affair that like the Brazilian affair seems to play with women in politics like with dogs that you can fetch, but without emphasizing on it, it was worth noting.
So the girl was on her political affairs, and it seems that the twist that she has given to her action as a president didn’t please the black swan, The mafia tribe of Jewish crime organization.
She has apparently refused to be one of their agent, something they can't accept.
This is the same thing I was telling you about the French candidate Francois Fillon who is now in the same difficult position as was Park Geun or Dilma Roussef, or Lulla a few time ago. 
Note in one of the last links that I have posted that the Israeli army has an operation code called "Black swan", and this operation code is supposedly for testing Israeli's officers under pressure.
They didn't say Israeli's dogs though.

Nevertheless, Park Geun is still alive and talking here through the white swan’s mouth, and what she says in substance is this:
“Bow and lick the carpet because your big bird dirty Jewish ass is on TV.”

read about back swan here:


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