Saturday, March 25, 2017

Marine Le Pen, the jew disguised as a goy.

So Marine Le Pen is the Jewish candidate who is promised to us as a president in case the Macron's plan would fail.
Both Macron and Le Pen have a story with Algeria. Le Pen because her father used to torture innocent muslims who wanted their freedom, and Macron because he would assume that these muslims are idiotic who would not understand what he is trying to do: recolonize Africa and the middle east.
Marine Le Pen who is married to a Jewish guy has the reputation of being an anti-semitic person which she obviously is not.
What she obviously is, is an islamophobic as the islamophobia has been passed in her family from generations to generations up to her niece also an active member of her political party and whose father is believed to be member of the Mossad and the CIA.
Marine Le Pen has called herself the David shield, and if you know a little bit about David and its shield, you should then deduct that she is a Jew whose task is to protect Israel. So in my view, Marine Lepen is the Israeli's B plan for us.

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