Thursday, March 30, 2017

Israel is eating the apple without you being aware of it

Why Firefox seems to me a better browser than Safari (for now…) when you browse from an Apple device?
It’s because when you use safari, the cookies that are stored in your computer seems to do more than a simple cookie’s job. In clear, the cookies in safari enables the tracking not only of your browsing and its history and so on, but also the tracking of the data’s on your computer.
To be more specific, I would say that Safari as a part of the black swan organization has a lot in its pocket.
This leads of course your computer to slow down, but mainly to your tracking wherever you go on the internet not that you might have anything to hide, but that some people like me just feel like intimacy I a human right.
If you think about it, when in prison, the first thing that is taken away from you is intimacy, a way to have you bow and acknowledge your master as the master.
Fear mongerer, lick the carpet as you have been asked to do!

read about back swan here:


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