Saturday, March 25, 2017

Francois Fillon the before-pro-jews now "wanted-guy"

Why do the Jews want Francois Fillon out of the french political ring?
He is a pro Israel at the beginning who has tempered his views with time. It appears that even a tempered pro-Israel view does not content the Israeli establishment. The jews want it all, they want the whole Jerusalem, they want the whole Palestine, not to say that they want to control the whole world.
So no matter our political views, liberal or communist, one thing interesting about this presidential election is that it is a right wing man who is "wanted dead or alive" by the jewish establishment.

The reason is simple, he does not fit the jewish standard as he is a christian, against the so called gender theory, against the war scheme  France is on, against the nato french treaty, and he is for an independent Europe. The jews have lived their Israeli dream on the blood of the world. Any war is good for Israel as it helps it extend its colonies in the middle east and abroad.

The position The candidate has on the Syrian conflict is not acceptable for the french Jewish establishment and the whole jewish world as the jews have planed to take on Syria as they have taken on Palestine and all the muslim world. They live of blood, they want the blood of Assad to satisfy their thirst at first, and to finish their work of colonisation which they have planned a long time ago when they had Ben Laden kill hundred of people in order to start a war in the middle east.

Francois Fillon as a president would mean the end of the war game as it is practised right now. It would also mean the end of the Jewish lobbying as it is practised right now in France. This doesn't mean that the guy is perfect, it means that the power will move from a hand to another, in simple words, Israel and the Jewish establishment would loose its grip on France, which is impossible for Jews who are destined to control the world, theirs to own.

It is in this view that the Jews have been for the past two months pulling the guy in dirt, sabotaging his reputation and so on, all this in the name of democracy and free speech.
This is not so hard to believe as we have seen the same thing happen again and again each time the Jews wanted to take over the power somewhere. We've seen it in Brazil, or in Venezuela where they have failed for now.

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