Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Despicable me!

If I was to write a narrative about myself, it would go like this:

One day, I, Mariam Martinet, an artist, a daughter, an granddaughter, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a niece and a wife, had an emotional breakdown after being emotionally slapped by some very thoughtful Jews who wanted to demonstrate to me that the only thing you can do in front of Israel is to bow and lick the carpet.
Bow and lick the carpet in this case means being a Jew’s slave for the rest of your life because we all know that Jews know nothing but enslave people.
From the day I have decided that a life well lived couldn’t be lived by licking carpets, they made my life impossible.
Of course they have the power to do so because they are Jews, and even when they are not, they call themselves Jews because they are Jew’s slaves who cannot think for themselves anymore.
For one who has lived a life of dedication to the beloved, it is not heard to understand what this really means: A mafia tribe of Jews, living on the blood of the world.

And so this is how the quiet girl has become the “Jew’s slapper”. You know, there’s Superman, Spiderman, Wonder woman, and so on, and of course the last one is the Jews' slapper.

I slap them everywhere I can. I slap them morning and evening, I slap them as long as they keep on enslaving the world, which means that my life is now dedicated to slapping Jews.
I am the Jews' slapper!!
Here is a link to prove it to you:

It was written by some very thoughtful Jews who had understood what it costs to slap me, and who thought that life would be easier for the Jewish mafia if they knew in advance who I really am.
So anytime a Jew would encounter despicable me, he would go on the internet, type “Mariam Martinet” on google image, and know that despicable me is the perfect evil to destroy.
And so this is how my 2 children found themselves out of school, because no Jewish school would register them (not to say that the north American schools are all Jewish schools), and this is how I found myself banned from all Jewish places ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and work of course), because we all know Jewishness is perfection that doesn’t stand to be touched by dirt.

If you think about it, the same thing must have happened to Hitler, he must have encountered at some point in his life the Jewish perfection. Poor Hitler who didn’t know the project that they had for him: carry the guilt of the Jewish extermination.

Well, fortunately for me, I am not Hitler, I am worse than Hitler as I am the girl who wants the Jews alive licking carpets in return for all the carpets they made the world lick in front of them.

I wrote two books especially about the Jews and also a little bit about manipulation and mind control:

I wrote one essay about mother earth the love of my life.

This is the link to my previews blog:

This is the link to my anti Jews publications ( I would not say anti-Semitic as I love the Palestinians very much):

Despicable me!

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