Saturday, March 25, 2017

Christine Angot the jewish mossad agent.

So it all started 2 days ago when I saw this girl that I had never heard of before. Christine Angot in an interview of Francois Fillon the french presidential candidate who is right now in a very bad posture due to the jewish establishment and its hand on the french police and legal system. She was so agressive that I asked myself (loudly I have to admit, it was on twitter) if she was a jew.
So I asked "is she a jew or what? " ( Cause only jews have a certain type of practice on french TV).
And guess what, after a few search on google, I discovered that she was not only a jew, her real name is schwartz, but most probably a mossad agent trying to change the outcome of the french election as Francois Fillon was the best candidate at first.
Since then, all the so called social media but more jewish media have banned me. Because of one little girl. Ah!

The video of the interview:

This link appears under the search Christine Angot Israel on google:

This lead me to the unfortunate thought ( also made out loud, of course we were on twitter and it was the day after the interview) "Oh my gosh", I said, " we really fucked up Israel's airplane yesterday. We fucked it forth and back".
This remark was signing the end of my social life on twitter, Facebook, linkedin and pinterest all at once. :)

Well I guess we really fucked Israel's airplane forth and back, and I guess I should have stayed silent about it.

Guess what? They are double fucked now!!!

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