Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Black swan or the fear mongerer

We have all experienced fear at some point of our lives. Fear is something uncontrollable unless of course you decide that it is controllable.
This is why I have decided to introduce to you “the black swan” also known as “Le cygne noir” in French which can be pronounced “signe noir” and in the last case means dark premonition.

The black swan or cygne noir is the nickname of the Mafia tribe of Jews who spread fear upon the world, and by spreading fear, controls the world as we all know fear is the best way to keep someone under your will and have that person do whatever you want him/her to do.

The black swan is a very big bird, a huuuuuge bird I would say.
Its very mobile head lies in the whole north America, with its eyes and its ears on the west coast. Its body spreads across Europe and the middle east with its heart in Israel, and its wings takes on the rest of the world.
It is not a surprise that this black bird which has grown to be so big can now lead the world to chaos at his will.

The fear mongerer bird has no limit because no one, (not many would be more precise) has tried to stop it, having it now think that it is unstoppable.
It is a real pleasure for us to introduce to you this Jewish creation, born from a Jewish mother and a Jewish father, which like all Jews, thinks that the world is his to control.
The black swan also known as Anonymous spreads fear among the powerful of this world by capturing all their secrets and by black mailing them with it.

These secrets are the ones that are responsible for most of the wars in the world, as many of these powerful people would choose to comply instead of being thrown to the wolves of the medias, another part of the body of the black swan.
When this technique of blackmailing fails, the black swan has something else: a plan B.
This plan B consists on spraying terror on the cities of the countries of the disobedient politicians, and with the help of its Jewish fellows also part of the black swan (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn there’s probably more), spread social unrest on its citizens if we can express it like this.
The black swan likes to be considered a beautiful bird like its counterpart the white swan which is synonym of grace.
This is why the black swan has chosen the most pretty Jewish women to represent it abroad. Pretty here doesn’t mean beautiful. It means that these women think like many women nowadays that some mascaraed can make them look beautiful which of course is not the case as a hundred pound of powder can’t cover up a dark heart.  

And so, with all this press manipulation (a specialty of the black swan), it becomes hard to find the truth among all the lies. Of course Israel has trained black people to chaos and unrest with the help of black Jews. And no, Nelson Mandela was not a part of the black swan who would have loved to recuperate the anti-apartheid movement. Remember, all the Jews that made his life impossible? Well, they did not train him, they fought him.

So here we are, observing the black swan in its pitiful gesticulations on its black water, trying to bring chaos to the world, and all this for the Jewish supremacy.

And the censored one by the jewish censorship:

read about back swan here:


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