Monday, July 17, 2017

L'eglise, quelque part entre "Game of thrones" et "Transformers"

Vous auriez compris qu'une fois Jésus crucifié, s'il a jamais existé, les juifs ne laisseraient pas ce qui les a défié prendre le contrôle des esprits de leurs populations. 
C'est pour cela que les juifs ont inventé l'église, un moyen de contrôler ce qui leur avait peut être momentanément échappé. Nous nous arrêterons la, nous vous laisserons apprécier au vu de la participation de l'église dans la colonisation du monde non juif, européens et américains y compris. 

The church, somewhere between "Game of thrones" and "Transformers"

You would have understood that once Jesus crucified if he has ever existed, The Jews would not let what has defied them take the control upon the spirits of their populations. This is why the Jews have invented the church, a way for them to retake control upon what they did not control anymore. We will stop here, but we will let you appreciate by yourself regarding the participation of the church in the colonization of the non Jewish world, including Europe and America.

Pope Francis

Jonathan Pryce

Cardinal Thomas Colins ( parmi ceux qui ont aide a selectionner Pape Francis Durant le council du Vatican/ Between those that helped choose Francis as a Pope.)

Georges Soros

Francois Matte (dixit:” ce n’est plus un etat mais un comptoir ouvert aux 4 vents du liberalisme/ it's not a state anymore, but a place opened to the 4 winds of liberalism)

Cardinal Lustiger

Robert de Niro

Cardinal Barbarin ( et la pedophilie…)

Phillipe Geluck

Cardinal Philippe Ouedraogo

Related image

Soumaila Cisse

Cardinal Jean Zerbo

General Diendere

Modibo Sidibe

Cardinal John Onaiyenka

Mobutu Sese  Seko

Cardinal Arlindo Gomes Furtado

Noel Clark

Abdoulaye Mbaye

Cardinal Berhaneyesus

Abdoulaye Bathily

When you catch the pope, there is not much left to catch...

When you wonder why all this ( war, genocide, gay mariage, transgender, gay adoption, gay making babies, and so on) can have happened.
Here is the answer. And I have not even talked about all these poor priests accused of pedophilia so that they can get rid of them and replace them with convinient persons.
Who Am I talking about? I am talking about the same Jews that have been ruling the world for the past 2000 years, and who have lately made fun of God by playing with its creation. They love cinema, Hollywod is their baby, and of course money and control what they live for.

 Jonathan Pryce

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bathily and Co taking up on Mali.

  Now you are going to slowly release the country without any harm....
(You fat greasy jewish asses)
Mamadou Coulibaly

Lassana Bathily

Azarock Ag Innaborchad
Ag Erlaf
Hadj ag  Gamou. Mali soldier, rank: General
Iyad ag Ghali

Ag Erlaf

Youssouf Fofana
Moussa Coulibaly
Amedy coulibaly
When Amedy meets with Sarkozy
Amedy Coulibaly
Mc Solar
Thieman Hubert Coulibaly
Mc Solar in Israel.... apparently also known as Alpha Blondy

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

For Mali, up to victory!!!

Yo move, yo dead!

Yaya Jammeh

Yeah Samake

Soumaila Cisse

Phillipe Ouedraogo

Mahmoud Dicko

Ben Haidara

Sherif de Nioro

Haya Sanogo 

Yaya Sanogo

Cheick Modibo Diarra

Sherif Ousmane Haidara

 Adama Baro

Omar Mariko

General Diendere

Jean Zerbo

Modibo Sidibe

Chissano Joaquim

Djibril Bassole

Ras Bath